Centering Exercises

Often in our busy lives we find ourselves moving in too many directions at the same time. Sometimes this constant movement and doing can disconnect us from our surroundings, create anxiety and stress. To bring ourselves back to the present moment, grounding our thoughts and our bodies in the present moment, we can use a centering exercise.

The recordings here can be downloaded on to your phone and used at moments when you feel overwhelmed or just when you need a moment to bring yourself into the present and into a calm state of being, ready to take on the next experience. I have created a few of my own and credited others that I have recorded. Please enjoy them – try to center 3 – 5 times a day … allowing yourself even for just a few minutes to be present and fully aware.

Click below to download my individual centering recordings:

Here are a few of my favorite centering recordings:

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Jane Goodall