One on One Coaching

I had six one on one coaching sessions with Pamela. Her practice looks at three core elements – body, language and emotion. During our sessions I became more conscious of the wisdom and needs of my body. I spend a great deal of time at my desk and can often neglect my body. This was one of my biggest takeaways, and resulted in my developing a regular exercise practice. This was a huge breakthrough. Like many, I have struggled to find the time and then the discipline to stick with a regular exercise regimen. With her guidance, I have been committed to exercising for the last three months. I’m excited and feeling more energized and able to focus on the work that is important to me! Also I truly appreciated the flexibility provided by Pamela in that I had to travel during a couple of our allotted time slots. She accommodated me by providing the sessions by Skype. Thank you Pamela, I truly appreciate your guidance and support.

– A. B. Wilson

Pamela’s coaching is like a refreshing mountain stream. Her strength and wisdom in life and leadership are nourishing. She has the gift in conversations to bring forth new clarity and insights, explore where I can’t see, and offer a caring touch all of which support me to find equilibrium and see new options for taking action. With deep appreciation,

– Elizabeth, Business Executive

I wanted to let you know how helpful our coaching call was and how you took such great care of me during our conversation before my interviews. You are very in-tune and I really found our session helpful!

– Becky Ives

Working with Pamela helped me to see more clearly the woman that I was created to be. When I came to Pamela for coaching I was looking to change my career path in order to make more money and I wanted to move countries so I could run from some of the challenges I was facing on the Island. Through our coaching relationship, I now realize that what I wanted was actually much closer to home. During the time we spent together I realized that happiness, the real kind, won’t come from a bigger paycheck. It comes from really tapping into my unique skills and talents and keeping my eyes open to new opportunities that help me use those. I am very grateful and feel renewed.

– Anonymous

Courage – that’s what Pamela helped me find in myself. I was stuck in a job where I was very unhappy and where I had no challenges and was therefore losing self-esteem and my self-confidence. I was afraid to move from a negative work environment.

Through Pamela’s coaching, prayers and open discussions, I was able to truly transform from a woman that was curled up with fear and negative thoughts. I looked great on the outside because that’s the way I am, but inside I was falling apart.

After each session, I left with a list of things to do for myself and things to think about. (I love lists!) Each session helped me gain confidence and courage to leave a job. My heart is so much lighter and my thoughts are full of positive ideas. I’m networking with people that see potential in me that I have not seen for a very long time. Pamela saw the faith in me that I truly believe in. She respected me, worked and guided me to take a “leap of faith” and I jumped and landed in God’s hands. I am ready to take on any challenge with an open mind and a willing heart. Courage – I’ve got it back!

– J. Burgess

Group Coaching

I had the privilege of participating in a Learning Group/Group Coaching series lead by Pamela. Each lesson was an opportunity to learn and practice new concepts which I in turn have been able to apply to my life. I got to meet and interact with new people, people I may not otherwise have gotten to know. Pamela is a skilled facilitator. It was clear she had prepared fully for each session as she guided the discussions and provided invaluable opportunities for experiential learning. During the sessions I had a number of ah-ha moments which have stayed with me.

– A. B. Wilson

I was fortunate to participate in a unique learning group series with Pamela. She provided me and the group with insightful and inspirational outlooks on how to live a more balanced lifestyle. These practices are now part of my daily routine and I am appreciative that she offered me the opportunity to learn with the group.

– Stratton Hatfield

Walking Coaching

Pam and I walked and talked. Pam and I stood and talked. I trusted Pam because I knew that she’d spent many years rising in the corporate world, and that perspective, to me, is invaluable. Through this coaching session, we untied knots that my circles of thoughts had created. Pam brought wisdom at just the right junctures of my own crossroads of choices. Pam listened deeply and then lightly facilitated the untangling of issues in my head. In those moments, unbeknownst to me, I was able to resolve conflicts and dilemmas that had been doing gymnastics in my mind for months. Pam’s coaching magically helped me to embrace uncertainty rather than get stuck in it, to move forward with conviction onto new horizons. Happily I did.

– Judith Howe Tucker, 2013


Pam and Gil were extremely well prepared and led a very successful strategic planning session for BHS. This was our second year working with Quantum Governance and the caliber of the staff is extremely high. Their ability to extract ideas from session participants has been tremendously helpful in guiding us toward addressing our strategic goals.

– Joel Schaefer, Chairman of the Board, Bermuda High School for Girls

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Jane Goodall